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Its A Classic Case Of Virality Someone Takes A Picture Of A Good Joke Between Friends And Posts It On Facebook The Jokes So Good So Funny Your Business Card Is Crap This Guys Business Card 6a00d8341c527353ef0120a50030b0970bg Guy With Fan Of Dollars And A Business Card Guy At My Work Is Quite Tall He Had These Business Cards Made Up For Anyone Who Pointed This Out To Him This Guy Gave Me His Business Card He Was Deadly Serious A Few Weeks Ago I Was In Charlotte To Make A Speech For Network Solutions And I Met Justin Ruckman He Handed Me His Business Cardwhich I Just Loved This Guy Spent 10000 On Steve Jobs Old Business Cards To Promote His App Some Creepy Guy Gave Me His Business Card And Said Sorry About Your Feelings The Ultimate Realtors Business Card Mad Tall Guy Gives Out Business Cards On His Height Hilarious This Guy Is Like The Tony Robbins Of Business Cards Or Something It Took Me Twentyfiveyears To Design This 1601 Tags Whiteeyebrowguybusinesscard Views 5873 Posted 6 Years 3 Months Ago Easy Share Links Httpirti1601 The An Old Guy Just Gave Me His Business Card