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Swapping Business Cards Has Been A Mainstay Of Small Business Networking Sites Like Linkedin And A Number Of Others Have Offered New Ways To Connect Image Via Youtube Touchbase Business Card The Business Card Cannot Be Killed With Everyone And His Grandma Owning A Smartphone Youd Think Wed Have Done Away With Business Cards By Now But Alas It Aint So Company Develops Smart Business Cards That Can Transfer Information With A Tap Touchbase Business Cards Sandwiched Inside The Cards Yeung Explained Is A Conductive Metallic Ink Printed In A Special Pattern That Pattern When Touched To An Iphones Screen Touchbase Business Cards Track Who Has Tapped Your Card Use Your Business Card As A Crm Tool Assess Customer Interest And Track Sales Leads With Tap Data This Cool Business Card Will Also Tell You Your Pulse Rate Business Card Template 15 Unique And Inspiring Business Card Designs Inspiration Pinterest Business Cards Google Launches Android Pay In Response To Apples Mobile Payment Platform High Tech Business Cards Digitize Contact Info With A Tap Business And Career Advice Pinterest Business Cards Smartphone And Taps