What Is The Size Of A Business Card In Illustrator

How To Create A Colorful Business Card Template In Illustrator Cs4

Business Card Template Document Setup Create A New Document In Illustrator The Business Cards Im Used To Designing Come In At 88x55mm But Sizes Can Vary Across Different Print Firms Once You Have Created Your Artboards Save The Document This Is A Ridiculous Step But Worth Doing You Could If You Havent Already Save This Set Up As Business Cards Standard Paper Size Illustrator Printing Business Card Well Be Using A Beautiful Colour Scheme To Create A Decorative Striped Design That Flows From The Rear Of The Card To The Front Create New Document Making An Artboard In Illustrator Open Up Adobe Illustrator And Create A New Document Im Using Uprinting For This Business Card Design So Ill Use Their Dimensions Of 35 By 2 With Standard Size Business Card Setting Up Your Adobe Illustrator Artboard Create A Die Cut Good Business Card Size Illustrator Tut2009 02 0101 39 06 Ready For Print Business Card Template Adobe Illustrator Business Card Template With Bleed Size Blog Business Card Template Size In Illustrator 1 How To Create Business Card With Spiral Elements Using Extend Path Tool And Adobe Illustrator Setting Up Your Document In Illustrator How To Design A Business Card In Illustrator